Quinton's Flash

Quinton's Flash

2007 Ky-bred Brown Gelding, 15.3 hds.
Earned $32,697, 26 Starts, 2 wins, 1 second, 7 thirds
Jockey Club T.I.P. # 300005607
If you want a horse that enjoys jumping, here's a gelding with lots of show mileage and a wheel-barrow full of ribbons to prove it. A departure from our typical listings, Quinton's Flash has spent several years as one of Dorothy's main mounts rather than part of Dale's ranch string. What this horse hasn't had in day work chasing cattle, he's made up for in the arena, cruising around hunter courses or in flat classes.
Ridden in English and Western divisions at local all-breed shows, Quinton has gathered ribbons, high-points, year-end awards and Jockey Club Thoroughbred Incentive Program (T.I.P.) Performance Awards in anything from the Hunter division to Western Pleasure, Trail and more. 
This horse will hunt for the jumps, gliding over them without popping his rider out of the tack. No thoughts of throwing on the brakes or doing a “drive-by” here! His willing attitude put his owner back in the over-fences classes after years away from showing and was a joy to bring along from simple cross-rails to much more. Steady in the 2' and 2'6” classes, Quinton and Dorothy have earned year-end titles on local circuits, as well as being named 2015 Performance Awards Reserved Champion Low-Hunter, (West Zone), by the Jockey Club T.I.P. The pair have also tried their hand in field hunter rounds, green jumper classes, and the dressage ring. 

In Western gear, Quinton has competed in halter, showmanship, horsemanship, western pleasure, ranch pleasure, beginner reining and trail (both novice and open). As the lone Thoroughbred in classes filled with stock-bred horses, he has been an ambassador for the breed. The list of wins for this boy span the past five years and includes the 2017 Performance Awards Reserve Champion Trail Horse by the Jockey Club T.I.P. 

He is no stranger to all that showing entails, from being good to work with on the ground to standing for hours at the trailer waiting for classes. He's been hauled to clinics and lessons, is used to group settings and knows the mounting block routine. He goes in English tack with a snaffle or pelham one week and can switch to Western tack with a mild curb the next.
While the bulk of his time has been arena-based, he does have some trail miles. Natural objects don't worry him and he is not the type to spook. He likes nothing better than a chance to hop a log or lope up a hill. He can cross bridges, work gates, tolerate dogs underfoot, side pass over to a boulder for mounting or dismounting and stands while you take off a jacket in the saddle. 
With clean legs and ideal feet, Quinton has been a no-maintenance, sound horse. He knows how to take care of himself out in the field and stays in good flesh without the benefit grain, even through the show season. He keeps out of fences, does not crib and never comes in with scrapes or lost shoes. He hits the ground well on all four and has had no lameness issues. He's great to shoe (shod during show season) and lives barefoot when not in showing mode. When going to two-day shows, he does fine stabled in new environments and hauls without kicking apart the trailer. 
Having good movement and scope over fences, the only thing keeping him from going beyond the low-hunter or green jumper level has been his rider's aspirations and ability. Quinton could readily advance with a more experienced rider and we'd love to see him reach his full potential in the ring or possibly as an eventer. At this point, we hesitate to say he'd make a fox-hunter because he lacks the outside riding in big groups going at a faster pace and leans toward the nervous side. That said, with the right staff rider and proper introduction to the field, we could see him as a whip mount. This is a forward moving horse with plenty of opinions and calls for a rider to be more than a passenger, but has put his less-than-perfect aged amateur rider back in the show ring after years away from competitive riding. This horse has done well with gaps of time between rides, so he hasn't been a "ride everyday" type. Dorothy might be slowing down a bit, but Quinton is just hitting the prime of his life. Let him take your game to the next level.
UPDATE: Quinton's Flash was recently named Reserve Champion Western Dressage division winner by the Jockey Club's Thoroughbred Incentive Program (TIP) as part of the 2018 Performance Awards and is qualified for the 2019 TIP Championships to be held at the Kentucky Horse Park this September.
Located at Gate to Great/Horse Creek Thoroughbreds in Newell, South Dakota, near the Black Hills. Priced at $7,500. Papers available. Contact Dorothy for details at (605) 569-6662  or email inquiries to horsecreektbs@hotmail.comSee more videos on our YouTube channel: Horse Creek Thoroughbreds.

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