Our Philosophy

Through our Gate to Great retraining program, we bring a unique philosophy to the rehabilitation and retraining of off-track Thoroughbreds. Read more about what we do differently HERE.


Our Horses

We usually have four to six horses we finish in our program and offer for sale every year.  Click here to view the horses currently in our program.

Our Stories

Throughout the years, we have collected a plethora of training stories (good, bad and otherwise!) and we love to share them with our readers. Click here to read them.


Gate to Great  -   Horse Creek Thoroughbreds

Taking Racehorses from the Starting Gate to GREAT!

Through the Gate to Great Geldings program, we provide a rehabilitation process that gives Thoroughbred geldings a chance to recover from the rigors of a racing career and time to develop new skills outside the backside environment. Relying on our experience using Thoroughbreds for ranch work, we expose former racehorses to tasks necessary for success in new vocations, be it on the range or in the arena.  We are proud to see our horses go from the starting gate to GREAT mounts for any discipline!

Want to know more about how our program works?  Click ABOUT US at the top.  Are you looking for your next GREAT gelding?  Check out  our horses for sale.

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