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Gate to Great Geldings is a division of Horse Creek Thoroughbreds, located near the Black Hills of South Dakota.  Home of several of the top sires of racing Thoroughbreds in South Dakota for over two decades, we now focus on producing great geldings through the Gate to Great program for off-track Thoroughbreds.

Under the program name of "Gate to Great", we provide a rehabilitation process that gives Thoroughbred geldings a chance to recover from the rigors of a racing career and time to develop new skills outside the racetrack environment. Relying on our experience using Thoroughbreds for ranch work, we expose former racehorses to tasks necessary for success in new vocations, be it on the range or in the arena.

Our Training Program

Our unique training program takes Thoroughbreds off the track and introduces them, at their own pace, to the ranching lifestyle.  They learn to negotiate rough, open terrain; work cattle, rope and deal with traffic, dogs, busy work areas and more.  We don't consider a horse "finished" until they have passed all these tests and more. 

Our Team

Unlike many facilities that have an army of grooms, working students and stall muckers to make it all happen, we just have the two of us.  Our combined eight decades of working with Thoroughbreds on and off the track, in multiple disciplines, allows us to evaluate, rehabilitate and retrain in a way that brings out the best in each horse.  Learn more about us HERE.

What's New

Check out our "Untracked Mind" blog

We answer your questions about retraining Thoroughbreds for off-track careers and share the stories of the horses on the ranch.

Where to Find Us:

Gate to Great Geldings

A Division of Horse Creek Thoroughbreds

RR 1
Newell, SD 57760

Phone: 605-569-2249

Email: horsecreektb@gmail.com

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